The Kinsman Braves and Ashtabula Steelers varsity teams and the Andover Cowboys and Ashtabula Browns JV squads earned places in the second round of the playoffs for the Ashtabula Midget Football League off their performances Saturday at Smith Field.

The Braves and Steelers varsity will be joined by the varsity squads of the Cowboys and the Ashtabula Jets, which had byes, in the varsity semifinals next week. The Cowboys and Browns JVs will be joined by the JV teams from the Braves and Jets, who had byes, in the JV semifinals next Saturday. Those games begin at 11 a.m. at Smith Field.

The ultimate goal will be the AMFL Super Bowl, which will be played Oct. 17 at Lakeside Stadium, with action beginning at 6 p.m.

n Kinsman Braves varsity 19, Ashtabula Redskins 0 — The Braves defense pitched a shutout against the Redskins, led by Dylan Moore with three tackles and two sacks and Vinny Santisi with two tackles for losses. Braves quarterback Marc Kraml, protected by the line of Jacob Bacorn, Johnny Gartner, Tim Lester, Travis Metz and Dominic Welch, completed 3-of-6 passes for 101 yards, including two covering 86 yards to Robbie Helmick. Tyler Czako led the running attack for the Braves with 36 yards on five carries and a touchdown, while Caleb Hunkus ran for 24 yards on three tries and scored and Seth Morgan had 29 yards on three carries. Kody Smith had five tackles, while Danny and Rashad Bragg and Ryan Rivera each had three tackles for the Redskins. Danny Rivera, Terrance Williams and Rashad Wells led the offense for the Redskins.

n Ashtabula Steelers varsity 21, Ashtabula Browns 0 — The Steelers were led by the attack of Zach Maldonado, who completed four passes, including two touchdown aerials, and ran for 79 yards. Deonte Rogers also ran 50 yards for a touchdown, while Devonte Norman and Johnny Evans scored extra points behind the line of Michael Coup, Max and Nick Hammers, Markell McKinney and Ryan Stanton. Jared Patton led the defense for the Steelers with five tackles, while McKinney had three tackles, with one for a loss, Coup added two tackles, including another for a loss, and Max Hammers had a sack and a tackle for a loss. Jay Moore, Jason White and Romeo Aponte led the running attack for the Browns, while Moore completed a 15-yard pass. Austin Hall led the defense for the Browns with six tackles. Zack Enricco, Anthony Figueroa, Quindon Harris, Josh Perry, Caleb Reese, Matthew Sanders, Aponte and Moore also helped out defensively.

n Ashtabula Browns JVs 6, Ashtabula Redskins 0 — Donny Osterburg ran for the game’s only score, while Trevion Gunter, Zach Hall and Savion Keyes supported him in the running game. Brandon Sanders led the defense with six tackles, including two sacks. Ricky Johnson, Hall and Osterburg also had sacks, with backing from Kory Butcher, Nicholas Eisengart, Joey Hall, Dontae Johnson, Ricky Sanders and Gunter. Xaymon Haywood was the top offensive player for the Redskins, while Trevion Archer, Ethan Colbert and Mike Nagle keyed the defense.

n Andover Cowboys JVs 19, Ashtabula Steelers 0 — Gage Willis ran wild for the Cowboys, rushing for 178 yards on eight carries and a score. Kevin Kovach also ran for 40 yards and a touchdown and Noah Silver added 39 more yards and a score behind the blocking of Chase Braden, Logan Drnek, Owen Hoover, Sam Stritch and Jarret Swiger. Silvers also scored an extra point. Kevon Colbert led the Steelers JVs with 39 yards, while Colbert, Ceon Howell and Jordan Hare made connections in the passing game. Colbert led the defense with nine tackles, while Jordan Miller had eight and Jacob Lagoa, Quandrell Liggans and Brandon Peterson all had four.

— Karl Pearson

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