Dan Jarold skimmed a North Coast magazine looking for something interesting to read.

Instead, his eyes met a full page ad for the Western Reserve Model Yacht Club.

He called the number and asked how to join.

Six years later, Jarold, of Madison, races his model yacht every Tuesday and Saturday at the Spire’s pond with the club. His sail includes the number 90 in red text.

Every time he crosses the finish line he screams, “90!,” which usually attracts a few laughs and echoing “90s!” back in his direction from the other members.

It’s become such a routine that when he doesn’t do it other members take notice when he doesn’t do it.

“There I’m done,” Jarold said.

“You didn’t yell 90 we’re not done,” one competitor said.

“90!” Jarold yelled.

The 75-year old attended Garfield Heights High School before serving in the Navy as a electronic technician for four years.

Following his service, Jarold attended night classes at Cleveland State University for seven years.

He attained a bachelor’s degree in labor and industrial relations.

After graduating, Jarold worked as a commercial banker for 30 years with several banks, including Huntington Bank and First County Bank.

On July 21, the races featured one of Jarold’s least favorite aspects of the sport— light air.

It’s described as wind between 1-3.5 mph.

There were several instances of light air in each race, and he struggled to keep pace with the other five competitors.

However, Jarold’s poor performance didn’t stop him from making jokes.

“I must have a weed,” one competitor said as his boat slowly moved through the water.

“I must have two weeds,” Jarold said trailing behind the group.

Jarold enjoys the friendly barbs and camaraderie of the group.

The humor was constant throughout the 12 races that occurred over a two-hour span.

“This is painful,” Jarold said as his boat bobbed in the water a few races later.

“Quit your whining,” Mike Wyatt said, as he tapped Jarnold on the head with the grey scoring clipboard.

Despite his six years of experience, Jarold said he needs to improve more, but the learning curve’s relatively simple.

“For me, I’m still learning,” Jarold said. “If you apply yourself, after one season you can be pretty good.”

During his time with the club, he’s owned one boat. 

Jarold usually takes the time to repaint it and buy new parts in the offseason.

“This is my original boat,” he said. “I had to do some body work on it, and I put a fresh coat of paint on it a couple years ago.”

He’s a member of the Silver Fleet, the less experienced group. 

Jarnold is currently second in the Tuesday series.

Despite his struggles this season, Jarold still enjoys the strategy, relaxation, camaraderie and humor that comes with the club.

“I can’t swim so I like this,” Jarold said with a smile.


WRMYC sails its season in two separate Saturday series’ on the second and fourth Saturdays each month. The Saturday Series is divided into two — a spring series ending in July and a fall series from Aug. 1-Oct. 31. The club also sails a weekly Tuesday Evening Series through the entire year-long period April through October.

Saturday Spring Series — Final Race Day of 8 Held


Spring Series

Place Skipper TTL Day Points Place Points

1. Dave Steger, Euclid 12 1 7

2. Rick Lawler, Perry 23 2 9

3. Bob Green, Lakewdooe 31 3 10

4. Mike Wyatt, Perry 38 4 15

5. Doug Rieger, Elyria 40 4 15

6. Larry Lamphier, Painesville 48 6 19

7. Bob Schuster, Mentor 59 6 19

8. Jack Nissen, Willard 80 7 33

8. Wayne Forbes, Painesville 80 9 34

8. Bob Valentine, Perry 80 9 35


Rd. Bob Kalman, Kirtland RD 4 7

1. Larry Ward, Canfield 14 1 6

2. Brad Ferrell, Perry 40 2 12

3. Scott Westrum, Madison 20 5 24

4. Dan Jarold, Madison 21 3 13

5. JR Hernandez, Eastlake 40 6 25

5. Karen Baker, Painesville 40 7 29

5. Nick Lessick, Lakewood 40 7 29

5. Tom Melsheier, Painesville 40 7 20

5. Allan Zelina, Chardon 40 7 29


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