GENEVA — The Geneva Eagles will have new choices in Spirit Wear this year, with new designs and choices for student athletes and the people who support Geneva athletics, Geneva Athletic Boosters President Tiffanee Warner said. 

“This school year, the Geneva Eagles have new Spirit Wear and gear designs to choose from,” she said. “The Eagles' spirit wear choices come in two unique designs.”

Tuffy the Eagle is featured on one design, Warner said.

“Tuffy the Eagle is sketched while participating in all of the Geneva athletics the school system offers,” she said. “The design was drawn by Geneva High School 2015 graduate Grace Lillie last school year and the Geneva Athletic Boosters love it. It represents all aspects of Geneva Eagles athletics while upholding the Eagles' legacy of Tuffy.”

An old bumper sticker was the inspiration for the second design, Warner said.

“We found this older bumper sticker hanging in the Geneva High School office. We used the basic design of Tuffy's upper body and implemented each sport by a piece of its equipment. The bumper sticker was a regular part of the GHS legacy back in the 80’s and Athletic Boosters tweaked it to represent all of the current sports that Geneva Athletics offers,” she said.

Both designs include the Geneva quote “Once an Eagle … Always an Eagle.”

“The Geneva Athletic Boosters used this phrase on the back of the previous spirit wear about three years ago and found it to be one of the favorites of our student athletes, parents, friends and alumni,” Warner said.

The Spirit Wear line also includes sunglasses this year.

“For the first time, we also are selling Geneva Eagles sunglasses. Two styles, actually – a ‘retro’ 80’s style sunglasses similar to Tom Cruise's infamous pair of Ray Bans in the movie ‘Risky Business.’ The second style is considered the ‘sport’ sunglass, but both in red and white, as well as Geneva Eagles with an eagle on each side,” she said.

Spirit Wear is more than just fashionable and fun, Warner said – it also supports student athletes, school sports programs and more.

“I would hope the community of Geneva Schools will support the Geneva Athletic Boosters and all of the funding we provide to our student athletes by purchasing these clothing and spirit gear items,” Warner said. “It allows everyone to show their Eagle Pride as well as offer an easy way to provide for all of our student athletes.”

The annual Spirit Wear sale is a big fundraiser for the Geneva Athletic Boosters, and Warner hopes the sale will raise more than $6,000 this year.

“We are a non-profit organization that supports Geneva Athletics. We maintain purchases throughout the school year of about $20,000 to $30,000. In order to do that, each of our primary fundraisers should bring in about $6,000 to $10,000. With this being said, we are not out to make tons of money on our fundraisers, but enough to cover the needs of each of the sports,” she said.

The Athletic Boosters provide uniforms, seasonal awards of patches, pins and plaques, and specific equipment and field reparations, she said.

Warner said school budget cuts have made the Athletic Boosters an important resource for students and families.

“Since budget cuts have come down from the state, we all know the athletic, music, theater and art departments have felt the pinch,” she said. “As Athletic Boosters, we are trying to supplement and assist our athletic department in covering those cuts. So far this fiscal year, we have assisted with the purchase of President’s Athletic Conference tennis champion patches, Chagrin Valley Conference banners for Geneva High School and Geneva Middle School, boys’ soccer uniforms, Geneva Middle School football uniforms, freshmen football uniforms and banner stands for the senior athletes’ portrait banners – all totaling about $10,000. 

"Often times, teams will complete fundraisers, donate the money into our athletic department and then we assist them using the money they raised. Our student athletes and parents do a great job at making sure we have the funds to cover the needs over the year,” she said.

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