During the recent elections, thousands of volunteers helped to send, receive, open, sort and tabulate “absentee ballots” — free of charge — throughout the U.S.

Volunteers are used by many organizations, including political/labor organizations, hospitals, churches and charitable organizations, etc., all “free of charge” and with little or no recognition.  

There are, of course, exceptions as is the case of my friend, 76-year-old Eric Settelen, who also lives in the assisted living facility where we — “the living dead” — reside. 

Eric is paralyzed on his right side from neck-to-toes and is in a wheelchair. He volunteered more than 2,500 hours on the third floor of the Ashtabula County Medical Center. In 2008 he was awarded the Ohio Governor’s Award for his volunteer services.

I recommend the Labor Day holiday be changed to the “Labor-Volunteers Day” holiday!

The change should be included and voted on in the next election.

Around a third of registered voters in the U.S. (34%) identify as independents, while 33% identify as Democrats and 29% identify as Republicans, according to an analysis of Americans’ partisan identification.

I am an “independent” voter. 

I am of the opinion that during a primary election all voters should be listed on one list.  

“Independent” voters should be able to choose a candidate from ANY POLITICAL PARTY!

When you look back at the “leaders” of various countries, you wonder how well they did and did they really “lead”? They were put into their positions by “the people” and many died as a result of the actions of “the people”. Therefore, it all took place because of “you, the people!”

Because of your votes, Joe Biden became the new President of the United States, the greatest country in the world! 

And now?

“You” are the reason for whatever happens.  

What are the results? 

Are you crying or are you smiling?

Remember, YOU did it! 

Saad Assad 


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