President Joe Biden keeps preaching unity with his Republican colleagues. Unfortunately this is a waste of time. The problem with this approach is, and you already have witnessed this if you consume Fox News or any conservative adjacent media, as soon as you say you want “unity” you give your opposition ammunition to come after you even for small disagreements. 


Biden: “I think we should have a more robust stimulus plan than the $600 billion plan my Republican colleagues have put forward.” (which is the right move considering one of the biggest failures of the Obama era is that he did not pass through a LARGE enough plan after the housing market crash)


Republicans: “It does not seem like Biden wants unity when he will not accept our offer, therefore his talks of unity are a sham.”


My gen-z mind tells me Biden is trapped in 90’s era politics where he believes Republicans, in principle, have a duty to meet in the middle with Democrats. Regrettably, that era of Republicanism is gone. When the G.O.P gives a standing ovation to newly elected congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene, who denied the Parkland school shooting and mocked survivors calling them “paid actors”, the Republican Party is not exactly coming off as reasonable. 


The job of Democrats should be to drive a wedge between MTG & reasonable Republicans, not pretending like we are living in the Clinton era.

Matt Otto



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