In the late 1950’s a Scientific article was published that earth and the United States was about to re-enter the “ice age” and glaciers would once again come from Canada and bury us. Well this certainly was alarming news and it was backed by Science!

This was very serious and required action! I went to the Great Lake Erie Liars Fishing Club. Took the information with me and asked for their aid. Watch for ice bergs in Lake Erie and report back. They read the information and said “This is science and must be true!” It was agreed that if they saw an ice burg this would be reported. Well sure enough we has a report; Ole’ Marv reported his sighting. Well being ‘Ole Marv it turned out to be ice cubes in his Great Liars Tonic. He was a joy and told the best stories of anyone else.

Like Rick said “Well we will always have Paris.” So here we are again back to Paris. United Staes pays for the World, China with a better economy than us pays nothing and agrees to nothing.

China is opening more coal powered generating plants as we are closing ours. So why Paris, we can do this for us. Use the Paris money to pay for alternate programs built in the United States, Increase employment add more tax payers.

This is all based upon science isn’t it? Billions of years ago earth was a solid ice ball. Later all volcanic that nothing could survive in. Then became tropical and followed late by the ice age. In short, the earth’s history is one of change. This can’t be reversed or stopped. Now of course we should control the plastics and carbon emissions. In the mean time why Paris?

Thomas Broad,


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