This question is asked to better understand my role to my granddaughters, greats, and great greats. To properly aid and guide them.

This issue is a hot button one for certain. The pro-abortionists often carry a sign: “None of your business what I do!” Well, yes and no. You opt for the abortion, but use public funds then it is the business of the citizen, many of whom pay taxes but object to this usage.

Perhaps an answer is this: Planned Parent Organization, is paid for by federal budget (taxes). Now of late, much has been said that any opposing view in public education, the Holocaust for example, requires equal time for those who deny the event. Using this principle lets use half of Planned Parent program to pay for equal opportunity of those who object; now that is equal and fair.

As a Children Services social worker, I went to the hospital to speak to a woman who just had a beautiful baby boy; the father should be ashamed of himself to deny this baby. Side note: I bonded with this baby at once and wanted to take him home; of course very good rules prevent this. The mother started to cry and said “You must think very badly of me!”

I said, “No, I respect you very much. We are not finding this baby in a trash can. You believe you’re not ready for single parenthood, you have provided a good life for this baby to someone who wants a child very much! This is very brave and caring of you.” Note: I respected her then and now. A very caring, brave act.

Why is this such an issue? Aren’t birth control pills the answer? Now. Let’s be 100 percent fair, hopefully a similar pill will be developed for men! Also there is the morning-after pill. Shouldn’t these available preventative medications make abortion a moot point?

So my question is, “Why abortion”?

Thomas Broad


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