After the election of 2016, if you recall, Trump declared that the only way he could have lost the popular vote was by fraud. He set up a commission under Kris Kobach to investigate voter fraud.  After months of investigation, they found none, folded their tents and went home.

Now fast forward to spring 2020, Trump once again declares that the only way he can lose the election is through fraud.  For months and months he repeats this.  He casts doubts on mail-in votes, knowing there will be increase in such ballots during a pandemic.  In the weeks following the election, having lost, Trump levels charges of massive fraud and his campaign and the Republican Party bring lawsuit after lawsuit which they lose by a count of 1-60.  His own Attorney General declares there has been no significant fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election.

Republicans, disappointed by the outcome, believe Trump’s claims.  This is a great example of the effectiveness of “The Big Lie.”  The Big Lie is a propaganda technique where a lie is repeated over and over, the bigger and crazier the better.  People believe the Big Lie because it’s something they want to believe; it suits their biases.  A Trump appointed judge as part of a three-man Republican bench expressed this best when he rejected a Pennsylvania lawsuit with these words: “Calling an election unfair, does not make it so.  Charges require specific allegations and then proof.  We have neither here.”

The judge was responding to a lawsuit that would have thrown out the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvanians.  Republican Rep Mike Kelly was claiming that a change made in Pennsylvania’s election laws in 2019 that allowed no-fault mail-in balloting (the same kind procedures we have here in Ohio) was unconstitutional.  When they lost with the circuit court, they appealed to the US Supreme Court which denied their case with one sentence.  Other changes to Pennsylvania law, such as allowing ballots postmarked Nov. 3rd to be counted if they arrived in a three-day window, were not challenged in the end, because they involved no more than 1500 ballots at most.

Here are some facts for you.  Georgia’s Republican governor and Secretary of State who both voted for Trump, presided over the certification of Georgia’s electors for Joe Biden.  Georgia did a hand count of all ballots in Georgia and they matched the machine totals.  Three days ago Georgia presided over a signature audit of absentee ballots in Democratic Cobb County that confirmed valid signatures at a rate of 99.99% accuracy.

Who is really trying to steal the election?  Here’s another question for you. When you read this, will blood have been shed on January 6th over these spurious claims of election fraud?

Lorna Westlake




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