I cannot find words to defend any of the negativity that has transpired since last week and I see absolutely no benefit from enflaming or perpetuating it.

I do feel we are all living in a condition of heightened stress. With our own personal isolations, we aren’t able to see each other and find comfort in working together like normal. We are all living outside of our element, enduring life in a way we never expected.

However, the basic tenets of society deem we maintain respect for each other. Now more than ever, we should agree to disagree and move forward. We can tough it out, make the hard choices and behave in a manner that showcases our strengths and comforts the people.

It is easy to be critical of our elected officials, but the facts are each of them wouldn’t be elected officials if they didn’t want to help the City of Ashtabula. They wouldn’t be elected officials if citizens hadn’t cast a vote. I have not witnessed nefarious dealings from any one of them.

Many have asked, and I’m here to say, the current City of Ashtabula City Council Rules of Order (found http://cityofashtabula.com/city-departments/city-council-2/) do not mention “leaving” a Committee Meeting, though Rule 7 touches on leaving a Regular or Special Meeting or Public Hearing. Nothing in Ohio law prohibits a public body from postponing or canceling a public meeting for any reason.

Our State of Emergency status gives the City Manager emergency powers and duties thus allowing the City Manager to conduct City business in his usual trustworthy manner.

I believe it is preferred by all that we continue to work together for the betterment of the City.

Stacy H. Senskey

Clerk of Council

City of Ashtabula

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