Freedom! Yes, the word freedom means being FREE! That word, like so many words, can be used in various ways to express our communication; being UNITED or ALONE, we use WORDS to express what we want to say! Speaking of our own USA and its governing process, which each of us is a part of, find a great mixture of ideas about any subject we may discuss? Therefore, let’s do some honest thinking about the situation which America finds herself in!

Freedom within a democracy cannot exist alone! America stands on that premise alone because Democracy means We, the people, making up the population of our governing body! Our forefathers took great care in outlining a plan of freedom for, by, and of the people! That means ALL citizens could have a say in the process of making decisions for their future rule of order! The dialogue for governing was documented: it was signed by each of our forefathers and sealed for the leadership of our one governing body! God bless our country!

With our election of a new President, we must get matters back on track! Truth, honor, and justice for ALL is the Position of leadership for someone who loves our country!

Each person, citizen of the USA, has a personality! People coming to our shores may seek membership; diversity has given us, We the people, a lot of challenge! It has been a constant and renewable faith which has carried America thus far! Everyone has a right to sharing thoughts and ideas for the purpose of creating answers to the many questions which arise!

Our governing does not include the Bible though ... state and Bible are separated! God is spirit and love. We know this and see it in each other — the People! Trump, one man, has over-powered the Republican Party. We could lose our Democracy. His niece, Mary Trump, has written a book containing many facts about their family. She fears his abstract opinions and warns us of his leadership as President of the USA! Trump has said he is a born again Christian. He never talks about it! Meanwhile, The Bible warns us! Know this: “it is no wonder for even Satan can masquerade as an angel of light!” Pray for God’s Blessing on us!

We MUST vote  for democracy where truth, honor and dignity hold way over our land of the free!! Freedom carries its limits if we are truthful in the value of the words we use! As a child I sang those songs in the classroom! Our men/women have fought a good fight for the freedom we are letting slip away. Each of us is responsible for who we are? Know and act on it! Obamacare must be saved! Vote!

Emily Leonard


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