The Democratic party was traditionally considered the party of blue collar workers and of the poor. They promoted unions as a means of improving the livelihood of workers. Now, however, unions take large dues using them to lobby for programs opposed to the desires of their members.

As for helping the worker and poor, that image was forged in part when FDR, a Democrat, shortly before his bid for reelection in 1936, introduced Social Security, a free handout to those close to retirement, but paid for by those still working. It, along with fraud-ridden Medicare and Medicaid, another free handout from Democrats, have increased taxes on those working and added to our $26 trillion national debt, 15.5% of which is owed to China, a totalitarian giant with manufacturing power over us. By de-incentivizing marriage, welfare has contributed to an increase in poverty-laden fatherless families. Now Democrats are promising many more free handouts including paying off college debts. 

Voter, beware of these Democrat promises: free handouts (which buy votes at the expense of those still working); AB5 for all our nation’s workers (AB5 eliminates many independent contractors by FORCED unionization); socialism (which removes incentives for innovation/ strong work, brings control and fails wherever tried, for example, Venezuela). 

Vote Republican for lower taxes, free-market competition promoting excellence, more American jobs, less government control, school vouchers which help inner city communities choose the best education for their children. Vote Republican to protect freedoms of conscience, of speech etc. all threatened by Democrats.

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