The recent mandate for Medical Mutual of Ohio’s employees to be injected with an experimental drug (the COVID-19 shot) seems to be an overreach.

A company should not force its workforce to choose between what has always been a personal decision and earning a living. I have not heard if the company is now accepting the liability that comes with any shot injury. I am betting they are not.

So the decision to fire anybody choosing their-body, their-choice points to fascist behavior by management. The data just doesn’t support the mandate. The sole reason for forcing this on the employee population is the allure of government money.

A company that cares more about money than the health and well-being of employees is a company that should A) not be in business and B) is one that no sane person should work for.

I hope soon to read stories of mea culpa from Medical Mutual management or mass firings of those same management types for their ignorance.

Jeffrey Vojtko


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