I have people say to me, “I won’t vote for Trump because I don’t like him.” If an unlikeable quarterback had a great passing arm that allowed the team to constantly win, of course the fans would support the team, even though they don’t like the quarterback. That’s the way you have to look at the Trump administration. It’s the policies that count. They have allowed our country to be economically strong to the great benefit of the middle class, Blacks, hispanics, women and businesses large and small.

Because of the Trump administration policies, millions of jobs have been created, with many corporations bringing their production of goods back to the United States. Because of the Trump tariff policies, billions of dollars are coming back to the US coffers to help workers, businesses, and farmers, and with lower regulations we have become energy independent. Because of the Trump policies, our borders are safer, more secure, and fairer for those who have “stood in line” to become American citizens. Because of his policies, our military is trong, so we can keep peace through strength and the Middle East has become much more stable because of the Trump administration’s involvement in the peace agreements made between Israel and other Middle Eastern countries.

I believe in staying with policies that have been proven to be extremely beneficial for America and its citizens.

You do remember the phrase “You can keep your doctor and plan.” Unfortunately, the Democrats will say and do anything to win, and once they have their power, their promises mean nothing. This is not your old Democrat party.

Please become educated in the policies the Democrats are pushing. Study their plans for America’s future and know that what they say they will do can drastically change once in power.

Do you realize that a large portion of donations to the Democrats comes from millionaires and billionaires, such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, as well as from billionaire companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter? Most donations for President Trump come from every day citizens--not the abundantly wealthy.

Remember, policies are important and you already know the Trump policies have greatly worked for the benefit of all Americans, and will continue to do so.

Mike Roe



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