The daily televised Covid-19 briefings have restarted and the President is again starring in his own reality show. He spends little time on facts and uses the briefings for self-gratification and misinformation. As he gets confused by his rhetoric and mistruths, he must lie about his lies. He alleges fraudulent and unconstitutional acts by his opponents but he dismisses the illegal acts of his friends.

As the Republican Party plays chess and Democratic Party is playing checkers. The Republican Party has gerrymandered many states over the last twenty years and used this to increase their control through self-serving legislation. They have purge voter rolls, enacted Jim Crow style voting rules and reduced poll locations in selective areas to discourage voting. As the president blames the Democrats for voting fraud, it was Republicans who were caught tampering with absentee ballots in 2018.

Are Trump supporters in Democratic states praising him for reducing Covid-19 aid to their state? Are American farmers praising his Great Trade Deal that sent their China soybean trade to Brazil? Are family owned farms happy that large portions of his Farm Tariff Relief funding went to foreign owned and corporate farms? Are Americans happy paying for tariffs on Chinese goods? Where’s the wall he promised?

Now he’s promising a vaccine by Election Day to a virus he said would just disappear. All you have to do is vote for him.

Trump’s Reality TV is self serving and his supporters are his disposable props. 

Stephen Roane


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