All Americans should be alarmed by Trump’s recent moves concerning Social Security, Medicare, and the United States Postal Service. He is blatantly trying to kill them all.

Concerning Social Security, his attempt to cut the payroll tax, which provides the money for Social Security and Medicare, will kill BOTH programs. What that means is that anybody you know who receives Social Security or Medicare will no longer receive them, and all future generations will no longer receive them, either. Social Security would end entirely in 2023.

Any American that relies on Social Security and Medicare would effectively be penniless in 2023. Think about how many Americans rely on these programs. It could be you, your parents, or your grandparents. Anybody that has paid in their whole lives would be out of luck. Paid in for 50 years? Too bad. 

Don’t think Trump is alone in wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare. All Republican’s also support elimination of these programs, and they have since their inception. It used to be part of their national strategy, when they actually had one.

Concerning the Postal Service, Trump and the Republicans are doing everything possible to stop voting by mail. Removing mailboxes, sorting machines, and ordering employees to slow delivery. Their fear is they will never win another election if voting becomes too easy. Nobody with solid policies fears people voting. If the Postal Service can deliver Social Security checks, ID cards, medicines, bills, and everything else safely and securely, surely they can deliver ballots safely and securely. Many states already vote entirely by mail. 

The Postal Service is actually covered in the Constitution, as well. So killing it is like trying to alter the U.S. Constitution. The Postal Service also employs over 600,000 veterans, with good paying jobs and benefits. And it is a pretty good deal. 55 cents to mail a letter anywhere in the United States. Last time I checked, it was like $7.50 to send a letter by UPS, nearly 14 times as expensive.

Did you know the Republicans passed a law in 2006 that requires USPS to fund the benefits for retirees up to 75 years in the future, an obligation virtually no other government entities face?

The only way to stop Trump and his cohorts is to vote them OUT in the election. 

Mark Debevc


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