Mocking Bird

Is Rep. Jim Jordan the face of Ohio politics or the face of Star Beacon politics? He certainly is the face of Donald Trump politics. The Donald has defecated all over the integrity of American foreign policy and there are those like Jim Jordan who have lost their sense of smell or maybe are suffering from a partisan sinus infection.

There are those in Congress or the Senate who vote based on moral consciousness or those who are driven by fear of losing their jobs. It is difficult to stand by and watch a president violate almost every aspect of moral intelligence and remain in office because of partisan blindness or political fear.

Are the above opinions sour grapes on my part? Sure are! Am I a bitter old man? Sure am! I have lived long enough to see the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly in America. Have I voted for Republicans? Sure have! Have I voted for Democrats? Sure have! Do I support Donald Trump? Hell, no!

Terry BlonAshtabula


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