Recently two county residents – one a businessman and the other a law enforcement officer- were denounced for remarks they posted on Facebook. As an occasional Facebook user, I wish to note that much of the problem is because Facebook has deteriorated into “Politics ‘R Us”.


Social media means socializing – keeping family and friends informed of your daily doings, vacations, birthday parties, graduations, dining-out and other mingling. Post a photo of the robins returning to your backyard, or of a special sunset. The fanatical political rants and raves that nowadays are so overwhelming on Facebook have nothing to do with socializing. They are a futile attempt to persuade others to join one’s unnegotiable political viewpoint. If you need to let off steam, please go for a healthy walk.


Unfortunately, the sniping back and forth between conservatives and liberals has long abandoned the rules of polite behavior. The idea seems to be to come up with the most vicious and demeaning postings against “the other party”, and they often include racist remarks that hurt innocent people. After years of observing this, I assure you there is little meaningful debate online. Nothing is accomplished by many Facebook users accept the posting of annoying provocations, most of which aren’t even original thoughts. They are the lazy sharing of inflammatory half-truths.


Friends want to know you socially out there on Facebook. They don’t care if you support Trump or Biden. So drop the propaganda postings and tell us what you are doing “socially”.

Fellow Ashtabula Countians – and political hacks -  if you can’t use social media properly, stay off it. Your misuse is just fanning fires. If you want this nation to be whole, look up the word “compromise” in your online dictionary.


Jack Calaway



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