Not everything about the impeachment inquiry was behind closed doors.

Part of the probe was behind closed doors with both parties present to safeguard intelligence secrets. The closed-door information was released to House members.

The House impeachment investigation was to gather evidence to vote for an impeachment trial. If a majority of the House votes to impeach, then the President can have attorneys during the Senate impeachment trial. The president and friends were lying about needing attorneys during the investigation, wanting you to believe he was unfairly treated. 

Mr. Nadler stopping the late-night committee debate was probably because he was tired and wanted to get some sleep. No rules were broken, but some want you to believe there was wrongdoing.

Why impeachment? Trump obstructed the Mueller Investigation and congressional investigations. In public life he misused his Foundation money, defrauded thousands of students at his business school and lied about hush money payments.

We are to believe he didn’t withhold government funding for political dirt on Joe Biden for his reelection? Why is he obstructing the release of the full phone call transcript? Men from his election campaign are sitting in jail for lying to investigators. 

Impeachment is a constitutional process of the checks and balance of government powers. How the House and Senate responds will be remembered in future elections.

When the obstructed evidence is seen, voters will remember how officials voted.

Can we have fair elections? The administration doesn’t care. Why fix what helped you?

Stephen Roane


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