I am thankful for the tremendous job Gov. Mike DeWine and his staff have done to brief us on the progress of COVID-19. His professional and informative decisions and mandates to Ohioans have made a difference in the pandemic’s impact.

However, I am dismayed by the lack of leadership displayed by President Trump. Those who criticize the media and the free press for criticizing the president as he goes through his briefings might want to take a step back and realize that it is the job of the free press — which includes the news media — to be critical in order to ensure transparency and to ascertain that sounds decisions are being made to protect us.

It is not only the constitutional responsibility of the press to be diligent in their pursuit of the truth, it is their duty. The vigilance of the media is critical in order to make certain that all of the citizens of our democracy are truthfully informed and fairly included.

This president has never been accountable nor taken responsibility for those actions which deserve our scrutiny. His press briefings are more about his love affair with numbers (our tax dollars) than he is with dealing with the sound advice given by the scientific community. He surrounds himself with his sycophants, whose scripted praise add to his inflated ego as he flaunts his achievements. Fortunately, there are still a few left who are knowledgeable and concerned to carry the load.

I believe in leadership which takes responsibility for actions. When President Trump eliminated the disease control portion of the Centers for Disease Control two years ago, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown wrote him a letter telling him it was a bad idea. President Trump refused to acknowledge his role in these instances, usually blaming subordinates.

It is time our president stops telling us how great he is. The people will decide that with sound information from the free press and the “mainstream” media.

Ron Yarian


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