It’s important we conduct a brief review of the 2014 biblically based movie, “Noah” that recently aired.

Why? Because the high production value of the movie with an all-star cast will be played and replayed, and will influence many folks and children who watch it.

What’s good about the movie is it: 1) Portrays a cataclysmic world-wide flood; 2) Portrays a biblically scaled size Ark; 3) Shows the miraculous migration of animals to the Ark; 4) Displays the Ark having ONE door; and 5) Shows the violent breakup of the “fountains of the deep”, including the familiar 40 days and 40 nights that rain fell upon the earth. To stop here would be nice, but we can’t. It’s important to continue because too many people get their Bible knowledge from the entertainment industry without comparing it to the Bible’s account.

A few of the movie’s grave errors are: 1) The number of persons and who entered the Ark; 2) The amount of greenery present on the earth; 3) The reason for the fall of the angels (called Watchers in the movie); 4) The salvation of fallen angels; 5) The death of Methuselah by flood waters; 6) Who built the Ark. Regarding Noah — he was portrayed as a harsh, confused, psychopathic environmentalist who believed in a future earth with forests, fields, animals and NO HUMANS.

The Bible’s account of Noah was that he was one of the three most famous righteous men [Noah, Daniel and Job] (Ezekiel 14:14, 20). He was called “JUST” AND “RIGHTEOUS” (Genesis 6:9, 7:1) which in common speech can mean “FAIR”.  He was a PREACHER (2 Peter 2:5; I Peter 3:18-20). He preached for 100 years by voice, by life and by object lesson (the Ark). He was FAITHFUL (Genesis 6:9, 22; 7:5; 8:16, 18). He believed in the coming Messiah (Genesis 3:15; I Peter 3:18-20). He was a Worshipper (Genesis 8:20); Believing (Hebrew 11:7); a Workman (Genesis 6:14, 22); and his name means “REST” (Genesis 5:29).

It’s important to note that in the days before the flood and before the written word, God spoke to believers by voice, and on one recorded occasion to Cain, an unbeliever. Two men before the flood were said to have “WALKED” with God – Enoch and Noah. It’s a term I believe represents the close communion they had with God, not necessarily that they walked next to an appearance of God.

May God give us all a greater sense of the world that perished in the flood and its meaning. Ohio, Ashtabula, continuing to pray for you! 


Michael Hennigan




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