Opine: Monday, August 17, printed a column by: Jennie C. Stephens, opnion worth reading between the lines. Support the Green Deal; well maybe nice, but how will it be paid for? OAC ran her platform on this and the cost revealed was so excessive. Jennie dams the oil and gas industry as owned by rich white men and designed to injure people of color. How does this equate with anything? Maxine Walters had a Freudian slip when grilling a representative of the gas industry; Maxine said that “This Socialist will end private ownership” and she stopped, oh-oh!

The gas and oil companies are not owned by one person but by stock-holders. These stock holders are the people of this country. So how can they scheme to hurt people of color?

The law of supply and demand sets the price of goods. This is not the bailiwick of Big Brother Government. What could go wrong by government takeover of private industry?

Much has been said about the medical community and free universal health care. Government take this over then medical community beware; the government will next decide how much yearly income you should receive. In fact this will apply to everyone across the board. The Russian people have a sense of humor; The Government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work.”

The Squad is stronger, according to Stephens. This is the same squad who promote early release felons from prison because they were falsely imprisoned by the white society; the squad wants no bonds to be set, all released to return to Court later. All drug offenses are to be forgiven; doesn’t this mean legalized narcotics? Also Stephens states the pandemic is a systemic racial injustice. How does a virus affect one group more than others?

This entire column rants about rich white men destroying people of color; racism is a two-way street and Stephens is just that.

Thomas Broad

North Kingsville

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