I took some time to look at the long-range forecast from the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center. They’re expecting “precipitation”, which could be either rain or snow at this time of year, to have above average chances of happening in October and November. When it comes to Election Day that could be a bit of a problem for some.


Early voting begins on October 5th at the Board of Elections office in Jefferson. The first mail-out of absentee ballots will happen that day too. You have four weeks of time to make your voice heard. You have plenty of time to vote whether it is choosing school board members, choosing township trustees, or making a choice on the sales tax question.


People don’t get bonus points by waiting until Election Day to vote. Your vote doesn’t count more by waiting until Election Day. I never quite understood where that bit of madness came from on Facebook last year. Early voting ballots and absentee ballots are actually the first ballots shown in the unofficial election night counts.


I encourage people to check out the voter guide at VOTE411.org and then take part in early voting when it opens in a little over ten days. Ohio is the most generous state in the union when it comes to ways to vote. Take advantage of it and make your voice heard!


Steplen Kellat


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