Because I’ve written so much against the use of CRT in the nation’s schools, I decided to re-examine arguments defending CRT.  After hours of reading (what a headache!) I found complete denial: 1) CRT is }not being taught in our schools;” 2) ‘it’s a Republican plot, a “wedge issue” to win in 2022 and protesters are “Republican operatives,” 3) ‘it’s not Marxist, that’s a Republican scare word.’ 

Let’s look more closely. No. 1 — that’s a lawyer’s argument: the actual philosophy might not be   taught, but the principles are being applied even to young children across the country, as thousands of angry parents attest. Older children are learning CRT concepts as part of their curriculum. No 2 — Republicans and everybody else were caught off-guard by parents of all racesand politics protesting CRT at school board meetings beginning last summer. Parents recognize it as an attempt to indoctrinate children, a blatant misuse of their trust. No. 3 — Technically speaking CRT is not “doctrinaire Marxism,” but if it looks like, sounds like and acts Marxist, what do you think?

Moreover, BLM — which  is intertwined with CRT — has Marxist founders. CRT wants to “radically remake” our nation by rewriting our Constitution and challenging our founding, which they say are irredeemably racist. CRT divides us into warring groups, which cannot end well.

Reader, if you’re not seeing these school board protests on your regular news sources, go online to the CRT webpage and YouTube. Watch videos of angry parents of all racesand politics reading from their children’s study materials and quoting what their kids tell them. Now the heavy hand of government is being proposed against parents as possible ‘domestic terrorists’ if their speech is construed to be “threatening”. Define that as you will.

We in Ashtabula County have legitimate concerns about CRT. We reject its core belief that Whites are inherently racist and oppressors, and minority races the continual victims. As a theory it could be presented to older children to debate. Black history should not be relegated to one month a year. The good, bad, and ugly should be part of the curriculum as appropriate to age. Parents should have the last word on what their children are being taught. 

Mary Ellen Blake


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