Weather Bureau issued an air quality alert for the area. Now it appears this has lingered over NorthKingsville with an odor.

In recent past, North Kingsville Elementary School was offered for sale by public bids. I went to the North Kingsville Hall and suggested that this should be purchased by the Village to increase office space, etc. I was advised this was too expensive to remodel.

School sold to ex-Kingsville employee; I believe $8,500 (could be in error). Next a fire destroyed the building. Land was cleaned and now understand a tank was removed as per EPA.

Now the Village of North Kingsville is planning to purchase this land for $150,000. So where did this money come from? Next will same Village Council want to build all new hall, garage, etc.

Being a simple person of means, in my opinion, certainly would have been more sensible to purchase perfectly good building and converted. Now, what is with this air quality? Perhaps it should be investigated?

Thomas Broad

North Kingsville

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