Someone forgot about local history

During the 1960’s my father mortgaged our home to buy what is now the Geneva Community Center.  He together with Marge Martin headed the project to provide Geneva its first facility for local events and meetings. Much of the materials and labor were donated by local companies. Dad spent evenings and weekends organizing and working to make the center happen. My parents owned and operated Raymond Builders Supply that is still a family-owned and operated business in Geneva.  

After graduating college, being married, raising four children and living in several states, my husband and I moved back to my hometown in my family home. Of course, we have many memories of the Community Center from a family wedding reception to many reverse raffles.

Can you imagine the shock and disappointment I experienced after discovering the materials purchased for the work being done on the Community Center were not bought locally and certainly not from the company that donated them previously. Since this is a small town with small and few projects doesn’t it seem feasible to make sure local companies and labor are used. Since it is also a city with budget issues perhaps the masonry materials would have been donated as well as the labor. This is a community building, perhaps community would have had helped out. Bids can have stipulations to that affect.

One of Raymond Builders’ biggest competitors now is advertising right in our historic city in front of our Community Center.

It is the sting of forgetting or ignoring our history and  not thinking local that hurts.  

Nancy Raymond Wright


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