Random thoughts as I did a  four-minute mile on the stationary bike to start the evening of workouts. I did watch a bit of the evening news where I saw the media was finally again focusing on stories other than just our politics.

Protesters in Moscow want Putin gone as the man leading the people against him recovers from being poisoned. Lots more people are going to be living in Siberia when the protests are over. China and the source of the virus being investigated by the World Health Organization AGAIN. Not much about the little fat guy in North Korea. I wonder what the little fellow is up to this weekend. Probably playing with his Lego set.

No drama from the White House as President Joe Biden marshals his forces and walks the dogs. I hope he remembers to take his Prevagen before he goes to bed. 

C’mon now! He is now my president and I am allowed to have fun with him. Yes, I am! I do wish him and his loyal followers success in his efforts. I love my country and I would not like to see it torn asunder by sour grapes and violence by my fellow Republicans waving assault weapons.

Would you? I thought not. Bad enough that so many other countries are jealous and would cheer to see us fail. That’s all I have to say about it tonight.

Thomas Pickett

Ashtabula Township

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