About 400 years ago, Galileo, with his telescope, looked to the stars and saw the moons of Jupiter revolving around it; supporting Copernicus’s theory of a sun-centered solar system. Copernicus, vilified by the Church, died embittered and Galileo was brought before the Inquisition and banished from ever mentioning that the earth moves. Both men of science were demonized, marginalized and censored. Sound familiar?

Science is simply a path to the truth by virtue of the scientific method. It does not have to be a threat or replace people’s “Almighty God.” Wars, political upheavals and human atrocities committed in His name aside. But Faith is a wonderful gift and it can live with the truths that science can and does unveil.

Science did not invent weapons of war. Science simply tries to unlock the secrets and the beauty of nature. How the findings of science are used is the key, and many things which make life better, safer, and healthier are the result of science.

Today, science is under attack. It is being politically and religiously demonized, marginalized or dismissed. But why? The path of science is skeptical, and yet deliberate and subject to rigid peer review. Most importantly, it is shared among other scientists throughout the world. Only when all observable and experimental evidence has been confirmed does science make its case to the world. We all have vested interests and when the truth threatens those interests, as Galileo did, well the truth hurts. There is no such thing as alternative facts, and although so-called gurus of science might try to distort the facts, they are not credible scientists. Those who call climate change a hoax are often politicians whose pockets are lined by the likes of the petroleum and coal industries who stand to lose their environmentally degrading profits in the face of reasonable renewable sources of energy with minimal environmental impact. 

No, science doesn’t have all the answers. It doesn’t take things for granted, and good scientists keep searching for the truth. And through science they will find a way through this pandemic. We cannot afford to believe something just because we want it to be true. If we believe we exist here for a reason, then let reason be the fabric of our existence.

Ron Yarian


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