Chuck Colson wrote, “Humans have an infinite capacity to rationalize and justify.” This is evident in the scapegoating and the fearful ego that are prevalent in politics today.

Scapegoating is found in the Old Testament ritual where the priest would place the sins of the people upon a goat. Then the goat would be sent into the desert to die for atonement of Israel’s sins. Jesus Christ was the ultimate scapegoat, taking our sins upon himself on the cross. Today humans use scapegoating and the fearful ego to blame others for perceived wrongs.

Bishop Robert Barron writing about the fearful ego states, “If you want to protect the ego and its prerogatives, you must oppress and demoralize those around you. There is a very unsubtle version of this method: you attack, put down, insult, and undermine those around you. This is the method of the bully.”

The political left’s standard operating procedure uses the fearful ego and scapegoating in the worst possible ways. Over the last fifty years they have attacked corporations, banks, drug companies, insurance companies, Christians, Jews, gun owners, the military, the police, pro-lifers, Donald Trump, and now the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump. The result has been fear and the intimidation of their victims and the American people solely to gain and maintain power. This is un-American and will eventually destroy our nation. We don’t tolerate bullies in our schools. Why should we tolerate them in Washington, D.C.?

Elliott Rice



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