Why Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” is not radical nor is it a new idea, in fact it is very American. 

A recent out of Yale concluded that Sanders’ Medicare For All proposal would save the average American money even after a Tax increase. The overall savings: 70,000 lives and $450,000 Billion per year.

How is this possible? Simple, cutting the administrative costs out our current system along with getting rid of overpriced premiums, co-pays, and deductibles will save the average American family money, even with a tax increase. (which spends nearly $12,000 a year on heath expenses). 

Other facts along side a universal system is that the United States is the only advanced country in the world without a universal healthcare system. In 1945 Harry Truman argued for a universal healthcare system in which the government would provide federal funds for a nationwide healthcare insurance provider. Franklin D. Roosevelt at his 1943 State of the Union address called for a social insurance system that would extend “from the cradle to the grave,”. Interesting enough, Roosevelt died while preparing for a speech and a program addressing a universal healthcare system. 

Sanders looks to continue this legacy, even if you view him as too far left or a socialist, what we have to recognize is the U.S. is Number 1... in 45,000 dying to lack of insurance. As the most powerful and richest country on earth, not having a universal healthcare system, that would save us money, is immoral.

Matt Otto


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