What could we expect from the Republicans in the redistricting committee but to continue their gerrymandering ways? They submitted their party’s redistricting map and proclaimed they were being fair to Ohio voters. In fact, they were trying to get more seats. One Republican committeeman proclaimed he had worked with redistricting for 20-plus years and he had submitted the best map possible. Yes, the best gerrymandered map for Republicans. He was also one of the many Republicans who forced House Bill 6 onto Ohioans and enjoyed party election funding with ties to the multi-million dollar bribery scheme slush fund. 

Secretary of State Frank Larose showed his Trumpism. He complained about the lack of time to properly choose a map, but he delayed the start of the redistricting committee and denied an early request to extend the committee’s time table. His excuse of late U.S. Census data for delaying map drawing was misdirection. The Republicans had many computerized redistricting maps pre-drawn and wanted the time crunch confusion to get their fraudulent map through committee.

The governor, secretary of state and the Republicans are happy to get a four-year gerrymandered map. They hoped for 10 years. They can continue their one-sided legislative agenda and try to rewrite the state constitution to hide their gerrymandering and hope Republican-controlled state courts will help.

Ohio Republicans don’t complain about election fraud and the Big Lie because they have already committed the Big Lie with their gerrymandering. 

Stephen Roane


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