I am willing to admit I made a mistake in writing about President Trump. It was honest and not an attempt to mislead; I was relying on memory because I couldn’t locate it online. It’s important to get facts right. Having now reviewed the clip I see that some back-and-forth was left out of my account, and I’ll grant that his reply was ugly. I stated, “You or I might say it differently,” (definitely), but I understand where he was coming from.  He had already offered cautious hope and now was reacting to an atmosphere of relentless “gotcha” quotes, sensationalism, misreporting, twisting of his motives and brutal personal attacks, some coming from Comcast, which he singled out, and perhaps from this reporter himself. 

Don’t believe me? The mainstream media fell all over themselves in horror and outrage at President Trump because a man had died because of the President’s positive words about the drug regimen. They failed to mention that he drank aquarium cleaner with a name that sounded like the drug! We pity him for his ignorance, but the newscasters whose loathing knows no bounds, who omit the truth knowing their listeners are gullible — they are contemptible. A Democrat governor has forbidden doctors in his state to use this drug. A reporter asked the President how many deaths were acceptable. The President broke in to say none, not one. That didn’t matter to the mainstream media. More indignation and outrage: the President wants older people to die, the Greatest Generation, Korean War vets, Vietnam vets — you are expendable. 

Not a word of truth to it.

I have a word of caution for Dems who will go to any length to destroy him: it’s not working. It makes his supporters more loyal and it’s bringing new voters into his camp. Personally I know four or five people who have changed their party to support the President, for this reason. A small sample but illustrative.

I’m tempted to say to Dems, bring it on, keep it up! But no, it damages the country. We need a press that holds him reasonably accountable for his mistakes. Instead, they are hell-bent to keep him from succeeding and are stoking fear among the populace. For this I weep.

Mary Ellen Blake


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