With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy:

You might be a racist IF:

(1) you agree that votes cast by intercity residents should not be counted; 

You might be a racist IF:

(2) you agree that we should ignore the obvious that COVID-19 is rampant among the minorities, the elderly in nursing homes and the prisons;

You might be a racist IF:

(3) inner city youths killing each other is not a problem to be addressed;

You might be a racist IF:

(4) diverting funds to alleviate poverty, crime, mental health issues, etc. among minorities (what “defund” the police is aimed at); 

You might be a racist IF: 

(5) USA leaders sympathetic to white supremacists and totalitarian-style governments got your vote;

You might be a racist IF:

(6) you believe the confrontations between armed citizens and demonstrating civilians {like the Black Lives Matter demonstrations} over the last four years are mere coincidences;

Regarding number one (1) above: During President Trump’s phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Trump called for votes from Fulton County to be thrown out. The city of Atlanta sits in Fulton County. About 45% of Fulton County is Black. The same can be said of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit and other cities that lie at the heart of states flipped by Biden that went for Trump in 2016.

As to numbers two, three, four, five and six above, if the same optics are used, you can clearly see a racial bias.

Since the passage of the 15th Amendment in 1870, many Jim Crow and many voter suppression laws have been passed but eventually struck down by the courts. Unfortunately, Trump has cast doubt on our justice system as well as our election system with his tweets, his public comments, his appointments to his cabinet posts, and his judicial appointees.

Every vote counts. Use yours with thoughtful discretion.

Howard Anderson 




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