The moral of my story is simple: If you’re sick, quarantine yourself.

I returned from a Mediterranean cruise Saturday night, January 11, 2020, with no symptoms of sickness. The next day my dad and I visited my aunt and two cousins.

Later that night I had a sever headache and took some Motrin before going to bed. The next six days I was very weak and laid in bed with the following symptoms. Painful back, wheezing breathing, hot and cold chills, brown, green, yellow phlegm and a runny nose.

I left my room only to go to the restroom or get some water, so that I could stay hydrated. My son, who is 29, lives with me and he didn’t get sick. My aunt and two cousins that I visited before I got sick, didn’t get sick either.

After two weeks I returned to visiting family and friends. The ages of the people I have visited are from 5 months to 87 years and some have weak immune symptoms, yet nobody got sick from being around me.

I am not downplaying the severity of COVID-19, but simply saying: Quarantine yourself if you’re sick.

Scott Sandella


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