“Every precinct, every town, burn the precincts to the ground!” Have you heard this slogan of the “peaceful protesters” in dozens of cities around the nation? Not if your only news source is the mainstream press. You wouldn’t know that Portland Ore., is in its 60th night of riots, fires, looting, and attacks on police with bricks, bottles, bats, etc. 

It’s not about George Floyd anymore. His death was the spark that lit a conflagration that was long-planned and ready to go.  

Black lives matter. Don’t ‘all lives matter’? Yes, but this expresses the frustration that Black lives don’t seem to matter as much as white lives, especially to the police. There’s truth to that but the real villains aren’t the police (yes, there are some), but corrupt political systems in our major cities — Democrat-run — that allow substandard housing, failing schools (despite the highest per capita expenditure in the world), lack of opportunity that grinds people down and above all the belief that Blacks and other minorities are victims. How insulting.

Black Lives Matter Inc. is not what it seems. Read their web page carefully. Behind the peace and love talk you learn that two of the three founders are trained Marxist ideologues and their main goals are 1) defund the police, 2) empty the prisons, and 3) deconstruct (eliminate) the Western nuclear family. This is Marxist holy ground. It’s playing out already in the dozens of cities where rioting against the police is going strong, with the ultimate goal to overthrow our government.

Marxism doesn’t get voted in. A small, trained cadre will create chaos until the government is de-stabilized, a strong man (or woman?) takes over and the vast peace-loving populace wakes up to realize they’ve lost all their rights. Witness Russia, China and Cuba. Marxism is based on an all-powerful central government which promises free everything but instead brings misery, death (by the millions) and extermination of religion. You think it couldn’t happen here? We’re closer than you think, and the villain isn’t Donald Trump. The Democrat party has sold out to Marxism. Big-city mayors identify with Marxists and are welcoming the riots, which the mainstream media refuses to cover because they are in sympathy.  Major corporations are funding BLM to the tune of more than $2 billion. Are they ignorant? In sympathy? Or buying protection? Do they realize that they are funding their own destruction?  

Readers, learn what’s going on.  

Mary Ellen Blake



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