Just my opinion. To all the athletes out there that are boycotting games, kneeling for the National Anthem, and using their star power to voice their opinion on social unrest, BLM and Antifa, a word of warning. If you’re not yet aware, you play sports for a living. And, for the most part, are paid very well. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and to protest regarding what you consider racial issues. However, to be honest, with all the issues and economic struggles Covid 19 has caused to every day citizens, millionaire sport figures spouting their diatribe is not at the top of our priorities. 


To be even more honest, hate to break it to you, but sports are not essential. Yes, we can be rabid fans. Yes, watching a game takes our minds off whatever we are dealing with in the every day world. However, if you wish to protest social or racial injustice then do so proactively. Donate money, attend city meetings, urge change where it will make a difference. 


Ratings are falling rapidly in baseball and basketball. I suggest you pay attention to what the viewers are telling you. Because, if not, you just might find yourselves out of jobs, or worse, with a league that is bankrupt. 


None of you are irreplaceable. There are always young, eager men and women ready to take your place out there. And, frankly, sports fans, white, black, Asian or whatever race or creed, have had enough. 

Anita Whiting

Rock Creek

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