My parents arrived in the U.S. from that part of  Syria — which is now Lebanon — in the late 1890’s.

Lebanon has a population of approximately 6,800,500; one-third the population of the City of New York.

Beirut is in the midst of a horrific experience when 2,750 pounds of ammonium nitrate that was stored in a warehouse for seven years exploded killing at least 137 people and wounding 5,000 others. More than 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes. I sent e-mails to 10 of my friends in Beirut and I received only one response.

Demonstrations have taken place in the parliament area and police have used tear gas to try to dispense the crowds. Demonstrations are continuing. A military judge leading the investigation into the blast said 16 employees of Beirut’s port, where the explosion took place, had been detained. 

Israel claims it had nothing to do with the explosions. Three U.S. Defense Department officials told CNN there was no indication that the massive explosions that rocked Beirut on Tuesday were an “attack”, contradicting an earlier claim from President Donald Trump.

Does all of this remind you of what is going on in the good, old USA? 

Voters will go to individual polling stations or vote by mailing in “absentee ballots”. 

Your vote will determine our future. Are you voting? Aloha.

Saad Assad


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