As the nation battles with the COVID-19 pandemic problems, the President put this problem on the back burner while he made the economy and his re-election bid more important than the health of Americans? 

He blamed Democrats, Obama, fake news and Black Lives Matter protesters for the COVID-19 problems and took no responsibility for the poor response. He is instead distracting us from this issue and is pushing fake cures and his made-up voting fraud rhetoric. 

If Trump’s supporters truly believe his words that Democrat are Marxist, Black Lives Matter protesters will destroy America, mail-in voting will steal the election, defunding the police will unleash more crime, then why didn’t they inject themselves with bleach or inhale disinfectants to clean their lungs? But Trump’s supporters will still follow him like many followed Hitler, with blind loyalty.

It is sad that many Americans want to join the selfish action of this president and not wear a face mask. Like wearing seat belts, why can’t Americans wear a face mask until the pandemic is resolved? The use of a face mask is for the health of the whole country.

Wearing a face mask will not take away your freedom of speech or your right to bear arms, but that face mask may keep you and your family members alive and healthy to enjoy these rights. 

Don’t blame the face mask. What good is a great economy if you are dead?

Stephen Roane



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