Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you should be appalled that the Ashtabula County Republicans are trying to pass off Colleen O’Toole as a resident of our beautiful county. Ms. O’Toole has never been an Ashtabula County resident. 

Ms. O’Toole rents a room/apartment in Ashtabula County to make her a resident. I would be surprised if she has ever even spent a night in Ashtabula County. In fact, her current employment doesn’t even have her residing in the United States. 

J.P. Ducro, shame on you for perpetuating this farce. 

Democrats, Republicans and Independents, please vote for a candidate who lives in our county, works in our county and loves our county as much as a true Ashtabula County resident does. Please pass on a career politician who is looking for the next regular paycheck. 

You should be asking: why don’t her county Republicans have a spot for her on their ticket if she is such a good candidate? If O’Toole’s campaign is starting off this way, then what does she have to offer the seat she is running for?


Edith Jonas


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