Although the “Emancipation Proclamation” signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 put an end to slavery in the United States, it  has continued for years. 

Thomas Jefferson  wrote the “Declaration of Independence” and  was the 3rd President of the United States. He also wrote that “all men are created equal” and  owned  more than 600 African-American slaves  throughout his adult life.  Some of them worked in the White House.

Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, owned as many as 161 slaves, buying and selling them, using their labor to build his fortune and also having them in the White House to work for him.

While living in Kent, Ohio I met Shannon Lanier - a student at KSU. He is adescendentof  Thomas Jefferson and the author of  the book “ Jefferson’s Children - The Story of One American Family”.  He now lives in Cleveland where he is the Anchor of  the tv program”DaddyDuty 365.”

 Through0ut the Middle East slavery is more rampant the ever.  Although “laws” are passed forbidding the sale of slaves, workers are lured into menial jobs where their passports are confiscated upon arrival and they are forced into humiliating and often inhumane working conditions. They have little to no protection under the law and are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, including extraordinarily long working hours, withholding of salaries, sexual, mental, and physical abuse, and denial of travel.

The last few months of mass demonstrations of the killing of  George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks in the hands of police, has left us outraged at the injustice of racism that continues to be pervasive throughout the U.S. and elsewhere.

June 19th is on its way to becoming a national holiday.

In the U.S. and parts of Europe, racism is being diminished.

In the Middle East and elsewhere, racism is flourishing.

In November  voters will elect a new President of the United States.  Will it be Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Whoever it is  will have the tremendous responsibility of  bringing the United States of  America back to the country it once was.

Vote, vote, vote or forever be ashamed !!!

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