My ‘whiteness

of being’

A recent editorial written by a Pulitzer prize winning columnist and teacher said, “I do not know because I cannot know in this whiteness of being.”

I hope as a human I can learn from other humans. I hope she quits promoting the hopelessness of tribalism.

While riding in an elevator in a hotel in Georgia, I meet a complete stranger and we connect in friendly conversation. I didn’t think about my white skin or his black skin. I wanted to enjoy two people getting to know each other. As individuals I can’t completely understand his “Larry-ness” and he can’t understand everything about my “Jim-ness.” There should be no emphasis on identity naming, just two people.

The columnist in her article to this paper made the above mentioned quote that comes from the woke leftists.

I guess I need to be penitent for my “whiteness.” Trust me, I need to be far more penitent for my “Jim-ness.”

I refuse to identify myself or others in the left’s uncountable identity politics. I am a person, I am Jim, that is my identity.  

James Reuschling


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