In regard to CNN article April 16th: Biden urges Congress to act on gun reform after eight killed in Indianapolis.

It might make more sense to condemn the use of drugs and those who push and promote use of drugs. We tell our children that drugs are bad and yet our political figures push in favor of wholesale, legal use of drugs. Our children must really be confused by these mixed messages. It should be noted that those who recently did the shootings would not be able to pass a background check, legally purchase or own firearms. Furthermore, we now have a wide open border where drugs and guns are being smuggled into our country by the truckload. In addition, we have leaders and the media promoting racial hate of white Americans and law enforcement. Minority Americans are being used and abused by the same politicians and media that claim to be helping them by encouraging division and hate. Our colleges and universities also teach this hate message. Where will it stop, with many resorting to anarchy? We probably don’t need more guns, but I’m keeping mine, just in case, as the “framers” of our United States Constitution suggested.

Dennis Gadley



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