The wording in a recent letter may tragically lead some readers to deny themselves a therapeutic regime for the virus that may save their lives. And this all comes, as they stated, from a deep dislike for Donald Trump.

The top doctors on the White House Task Force have repeatedly stated that we do not know how many people have been infected with the virus. They know how many there are who have been tested and came up positive. So, the experts cannot give you an accurate percentage of deaths caused by the virus to the number of infected. And all the experts can give us is an educated guess. But a guess is still a guess and it is more accurate than to divide the number of known positive cases into the number of deaths. That percentage is way exaggerated and off the mark. You wonder why some are fearful? Especially, when we have no vaccine against the disease.

But more than one report of a limited study showed that patients have responded well to the antimalarial drug Hydroxychloroquine. And since there are little choices than to watch people die, many doctors around the country, on the front lines treating COVID-19 are getting similar results, offering hope. And the president agrees. It is a drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of malaria and to help patients with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Yes, there can be reactions to drugs and vaccines. But it was an entirely different thing that happened to the two people in Arizona. They took Chloroquine Phosphate which is a treatment for fish tanks. It clearly states on the bottle not to ingest because it’s a poison. One of them died. And the wife blames the president. The Arizona couple are called victims and the president is called a fool.  

Elliott Rice


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