In a few months, we will elect a new President of the United States. Shortly thereafter, approximately 58 vacancies for new ambassadors will be submitted to the Senate for review and sent on to the President for signature. 

Democrats have submitted approximately 400 bills for review to the Senate and are still awaiting action. Included are 70 bills regarding veterans. Latest reports indicate 17 veterans commit suicide every day!

When I was working in Iraq, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad invited all Americans to a reception to meet the new ambassador. When I met the ambassador, we were photographed and a signed copy was sent to me. 

“Ambassadors” are political appointments usually given to those who contributed funds to the Republican campaign or to personal friends of the President. They usually do not have the education or experience for foreign assignments. If they are appointed to a non-English speaking country, they usually cannot speak the language and do not know the history of the country. 

The Iraq Minister of Agriculture had a reception for all of the representatives of foreign companies working for them.  He came over to me and asked what company I was with.  I told him I was the representative for Hawaiian Agronomics Int’l. and we had the “Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Project” contract. He said he always wanted to visit Hawaii. I told him whenever he scheduled his trip to Hawaii he could let us know and we would arrange for his accommodations, tours, etc. A few months later there was another change in Iraqi government and he was hanged in public.

I had an apartment in Baghdad; a male cook/housekeeper and a driver for the company car.  In the office I had a secretary, bookkeeper and purchasing agent. 

Going to the office one day I noticed it was quiet and there were few vehicles on the streets. When we approached the center of the city I saw soldiers unloading bodies from trucks and they were tying them up on “T’ shaped wooden forms. When I asked my driver what was going on he said that the 13 bodies were Jews who were convicted of spying. The crowd was very quiet. 

Later when the President of HAI came to Baghdad, he said all of the news media reported, “The people shouted with joy as they hanged each Jew in public.”

On my last day before my departure, we had a party and all of the employees confessed that they were with the Iraq Secret Secret Service.


Saad Assad


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