Some interesting reactions to my recent letters. Riots in Portland? They only cover three blocks, so what’s the big deal? Why do I resort to name calling, presumably ‘Marxist’? Both sides do it, and it’s so unhelpful. 

Republicans have been called Nazis by the Dems for so long it hardly means anything, although the stupidity of it makes it a joke. Isn’t it mudslingling, then, to call the far Left (now, most Dem leaders) Marxist or socialist? 

BLM leadership doesn’t hide that they’re proud Marxists. Why shouldn’t I believe them? Riots and looting under BLM leadership are in their 75+ nights. Mayors tie the hands of police, allowing them to be brutally targeted.

Marxism, like socialism, its twin, is seductively attractive: a beneficent government provides people’s basic needs, eliminating rich and poor. Surveys show about a third of young Americans view Marxism favorably. A young woman told me, “Your generation was taught to fear Marxists.” No! We saw first-hand its murder of body and soul. We woke up one day to find that overnight, the Soviets (read: Marxists) had erected a mighty wall dividing East and West Berlin, with gun towers, electrified wire and attack dogs, to keep people from fleeing the ‘workers’ paradise’ of E. Berlin. (Hundreds still tried to escape, usually unsuccessfully). We listened to survivors of the Ukraine famine, when Stalin confiscated Ukraine’s abundant harvest to starve the people into submission; more than four million people died. We read Solzhenitsyn’s horrific first-hand account of the chain of prison/work camps in Siberia and we watched as millions died in China during the Cultural Revolution. Today’s Marxist China has a smiling face while it methodically rounds up an entire ethnic group (the Uyghurs) for work camps. Their crime? They are Muslim. Christians, too, are not faring well. Marxism allows no loyalty above the State. 

Today’s Marxists have the same mindset. BLM leaders urge rioters to burn everything until their demands are met. They firebombed a building knowing that many people were trapped inside. Horrible murder is wished upon those who wear MAGA gear, including young children. City after city is urging defunding of police and releasing violent felons from prison. Through chaos they can effect the change they want.

My generation remembers. We need to be heard – before we die off. 

Black lives do matter.  Marxism, which is command/control of everything, will not help. The individual doesn’t matter.

Mary Ellen Blake




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