I believe in letting people speak for themselves. When the founders and leaders of Black Lives Matter Inc., call themselves “trained Marxist ideologues” — why shouldn’t we believe them? When their stated goals match Marxist goals to change a society, should we ignore that?

In my earlier letter I made a clear distinction between the idea that black lives matter, which I support, and the organization BLM Inc. which certainly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Leaders on the street say they will burn, burn, burn until their goals are met, which isn’t to help black lives but to get rid of the police. Responsible black leaders have distanced themselves from BLM Inc., denouncing it.

We are foolish to believe that Marxism died with the fall of Communism. The fact is, it’s been alive and thriving on college campuses since the 1960s. Talk to your children and grandchildren in college. Today, a majority of BLM protesters are white, college-aged women! What can I say? I had a Marxist professor at OSU in the 1960’s who almost recruited me to the cause.

The anti-Communist hysteria (McCarthyism) of the 1950s had just enough truth to make it believable. There was a legitimate threat but unfortunately the opposition became ridiculous and innocent people were harmed along with the guilty. That doesn’t make Marxism any less real or dangerous today. To those who know history, their tactics haven’t changed. They will take a good cause, i.e. social justice, to gain followers. They depend on people responding emotionally, not asking questions. In fact, they are imbued with a self-righteous zeal that condemns anyone daring to disagree.

Marxism’s ripest plum in recent years was Venezuela. Once the richest nation in South America it is now the poorest, with most of the population on starvation rations. All in the name of “social justice.”

Friends, Marxism sounds good but it is an unworkable system. Wake up and smell the coffee ... no, smell the burning. Learn what is happening.

Mary Ellen Blake



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