What’s going on? The Destroyer (aka Satan) is walking across the land of fruited plain and purple mountains majesty! Oh, you don’t believe in Satan; he’s myth, the boogieman? Oh, you will when his Anti-Christ arrives on the scene and tells you, you should also worship the Dragon (aka Satan). Why is the Devil going to and fro and up and down through this once blessed land, as God’s word says? TO DEVOUR!

You can enact laws making LEGAL sorcery (drug use), fornication (prostitution, homosexual marriage, etc.), lewdness (pornography), murder (convenient abortion on demand), Gambling Institutions (stealing), lasciviousness (TV, movies, streaming, nakedness, simulated sex acts, vulgar language) and rebellion against authority (witchcraft {see 1 Samuel 15:23} — government rewarding evil doers and defaming good law enforcement).

BUT, all the law-making in the world will NEVER make that which is evil and immoral, OK! Matthew 24:7, 8, “For nation shall rise against nation; kingdom against kingdom; there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. All these are the BEGINNING OF SORROWS.” It is commonly thought that nation against nation is limited to what we think of as normal warfare. I, for one, am beginning to rethink that. I believe it may also include race v. race, religion v. religion, ethnicity v. ethnicity and language v. language. It’s a statement of wide-scale hatred and violence. Galatians 5:15 warns, “But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.” Through much struggle and good trouble during the civil rights movement RASCIST became one of the foulest words used against a person. The word also vied with the “N” word for the vilest word. The success of this cultural movement was seen in the common agreement of all Americans both light- and dark-skinned. Yet, here we are today seeing the flames of hatred fanned by a powerful media whose instigating an uprising. You know where this is heading and so do the instigators who think they’re safe on their estates, islands, and yachts? They want everything burned down so they can build back their way, and have COMPLETE control. What should you do? In these last days it’s most important that you waste no time making sure you have God’s salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. STILL PRAYING FOR YOU OHIO.


Mike Hennigan


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