“I’d tell them you are a terrible reporter,” President Trump replied to a questioner, quoted by the Star Beacon editor in a column on March 22. Now there’s a quote that screams for context!

But no, the whole point of a juicy sound byte is to wrench a remark out of context in order to destroy your opponent. In this case, there is the added benefit of urging (e.g. the Washington Post and MSNBC) that the President’s press conferences no longer be carried. Now that would be a victory. Inquiring minds would no longer be able to listen and decide for themselves.

The Star Beacon editor said the reporter persisted with a line of questioning the President didn’t like, asking, “Is there one he does like?” I beg to differ.

I had watched that press conference on C-Span the day after it was held: for a long time the President provided information, at times deferring to experts with him, then he willingly took questions from reporters. The NBC reporter asked several questions about the malaria drug. The President without hesitation took 3-4 minutes giving pros and cons, saying he “wanted to be optimistic but we just don’t know ... we should pray to God it will work ... what do we have to lose?” etc.

The reporter replied that considering how anxious people are, “Aren’t you offering false hope?” I blinked when I heard it because it wasn’t a question as much as an accusation, a “gotcha.” The President gave him a look and then put him in his place: “I’d tell them you are a terrible reporter.” You or I might say it differently but – it’s about time! The mainstream media carries water for the Democrat party (and sometimes takes the lead) and makes no attempt to be objective. When the President strikes back it isn’t pretty but he needs to do it. Incidentally, in this same presser he gave explicit thanks to one reporter for being fair and even-handed. 

The talking heads of the mainstream media are not fools. They will promote any story, any slander, knowing that Trump-haters are blinded by “confirmation bias” and will believe anything, without bothering to check it out. 

Reader, do you listen to both sides?

Mary Ellen Blake


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