The importance

of newspapers

Please accept our condolences on the death of Youngstown, Ohio’s daily newspaper, The Vindicator. As newspapers struggle across the country, this is simply one more tragedy, especially after 150 years of publication.

We are Star Beacon subscribers, along with subscriptions to several other newspapers. We support and champion the managers and editors of all of our country’s publications.

Newspapers are the backbone of a free democratic society.

Now, more than ever we encourage fellow readers ,that if you can financially manage it, subscribe.

Linda Phillips Palo

Paul Palo




APL experience 

a good one

Fifteen years ago I adopted a wonderful dog from the APL The memory of this experience is a pleasant one.

Recently, I again adopted a dog from the APL. Once again, the experience was a very good one.

Miranda Beals, Teresa Taylor and all the staff were helpful and responsive. All paperwork was expeditiously processed. My new little dog was cared for and is happy.

I hope more will consider supporting this fine community agency.

Kathleen H. Kennedy


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