DD Board doesn’t

need levy

Regarding the June 18 article by Jon Wysochanski about the County’s Developmental Disabilities Board to place a 10-year, 2-mill levy on the November ballot, as the article reflects: “The board’s budget in 2019 shows expenditures have decreased by about $4.5 million as compared to what was being spent in 2017 and 2018.” And 2) “The board will have about $6 million in carryover funds over the next six years.”

And as Commissioner J.P. Ducro pointed out: “That’s such a long time to carry such heavy surpluses ... and you’re a small operation of 27 employees, and you’ve got a $6 million carryover. We’re a county and we’re struggling to maintain a $3 million carryover.”

Additionally, “the Board of DD privatized Ashcraft, and no longer operates Happy Hearts. ... The levy costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $150.”

The Ashtabula County Commissioners should refuse to grant the Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ request to place this levy on the ballot.

However, if the Commissioners do agree to place this levy on the ballot, I strongly recommend that the voters of Ashtabula County get out and Vote “no” for this absolutely unnecessary and greedy levy.

Greg Ecklund