Ashtbaula Foundation

strives for great 2nd Century

In 2022, the Ashtabula Foundation will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Over this period of time, hundreds of grants (over 68 in 2018) have been made to numerous non-profit organizations (i.e. churches, libraries, hospitals, schools, Red Cross, YMCA and many others), benefiting many thousands of our residents. “Our Mission is for the betterment of Ashtabula County. We achieve this by administering the funds to reflect the intent of donors who wish to impact the significant needs of Ashtabula County.”

The Foundation’s assets have been provided by many donors over the years who have found a great sense of satisfaction in the permanence of their gifts providing financial support of local non-profit organizations.

As we approach the beginning of our 2nd Century, the Ashtabula Foundation is strategically planning to meet future needs within our county. The number of requests that we receive are increasing and the dollar amounts keep getting larger. We are working diligently for the betterment of Ashtabula County; we need help from donors who will help fulfill our mission.

Donors find that their financial and moral legacies will reflect either designated giving to their chosen purpose, or general giving for the broader mission of the Foundation. They are very pleased with the knowledge that their beliefs and values positively impact the lives of so many residents.

The future will inevitably continuously present change and challenges to be met.

As a private foundation serving only Ashtabula County, it is our sincere belief that through our consistently conservative stewardship, bequests will enjoy a longer and more productive investment life by remaining close to the needs in our county.

Our audited financial statements and specific histories of all grants are available for review with a trustee in the Foundation office.

If you wish to discuss a significant donation to the 2nd Century of service, please contact us at or phone 440-992-6818.

Glen W. Warner


2nd Century Campaign

on behalf of the Ashtabula Foundation